Services & Rates

Our certified professional pet care at Critter Pet Care includes a variety of services with various levels of loving pet care, house sitting, and basic garden and lawn care. Our number one priority is keeping your pet(s) safe.

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Loving and safe pet care are our top priorities.

  • Professional home dog boarding on our turf in a large comfortable yard
  • Doggie day care, socialization, hands-on yard play, monitored interactions, postiive reinforcement
  • Cat day care
  • Cat boarding
  • Dog walking, exercising, (on-leash neighborhood adventures)
  • Pet care visits to your home: feeding, watering, exercising, play time, administering basic medications, cat nail trims, poo pickup
  • Pet care for: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Birds, Horses, Reptiles, Rodents, and other animal visits
  • Pet transfers / pet taxi / pet transport (to vets, airports etc.)
  • House sitting, basic home security checks, garden / lawn care, basic watering & plant care

Pet CPR and First Aid Certified
Certified, Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Dog Boarding and Doggie Day Care

Critter Pet Care offers a large, safe, fenced-in yard where your pooch can run and play endlessly during daytime hours. Surrounded by trees in a serene setting, we love to keep your pets happy with plenty of exercise, fresh water, a great selection of doggy toys, in both sunshine and shade. Our pet care offers personalized experience with plenty of hands-on playtime. We keep dog numbers to a minimum to ensure that dogs get lots of 1 on 1 attention, and also so that they can enjoy the company of other similarly-sized dogs. We support and monitor healthy dog socialization in a safe environment. At night your pooch can enjoy a good night's rest in a warm, friendly home.

1 Dog per night (based on 24 hour period & size) $55 & up
Doggie day care per day (based on 9 hour period) $35 each
Puppies, elderly dogs needing extra care $5 extra

Cat Boarding and Kitty Day Care

Need your cat or kitty family boarded for some special TLC and more around-the-clock care? We have it covered. Though most cats prefer to stay at home in their own familiar environment - where we can provide specialized cat care visits to your home, we also recognize the need for special situations where it's better to board. We offer a quiet room with furniture where they can roam free and not have to be in their crate. There are windows for them to gaze out at the birds and squirrels in the nearby trees. They have their own private kitty suite, free from other animals and behind a closed door for privacy. We visit them often during the day for plenty of personalized TLC. Some cat boarding situations might include, boarding your cat(s) while you're having your house remodeled, moving day, and special care with medications. If you're relocating to another area and need a temporary place for kitty to stay until their flight out, let them relax in a comfortable, quiet kitty room.

1 Cat per night (based on 24 hour period) $25
Cat day care per day (based on 9 hour period) $20

Dog Walking

Let us treat your buddy to individual dog walks which is a great way to keep your pals in good physical and emotional health. If your life and work schedule don't allow for much needed 1 on 1 time with your pet, or it's too late and you're too tired when you get home, have no fear, Critter Pet Care is a perfect solution. We'll come to your home and take your dogs around your neighborhood (or to a nearby dog park) ensuring that they get a good dose of exercise and socialization. Dog walks run 30 - 60 minutes and we adjust our pace according to your pooch's health and needs. We limit dog walking groups to 3 to ensure laser sharp attention and safety. Walks may include walking, running, playing Frisbee or fetch in a safe on or off-leash environment.

1 Dog $30
Each additional dog $10 each


Pet Visits

CPC is available to come to your home for both day pet visits, as well as evening pet visits. If your day is hectic or you're working late, contact us and we'll come to your home and feed, water, play and/or administer basic medicines to keep your buddies on track with their routine.

Each visit 1 Dog or 1 cat $30
  Each additional dog, rabbit (from same family) $10 each
  Additional cats, birds, reptiles $5 each


Overnight Pet Sits in Your Home, Ranch, Farm

Going out of town and prefer that your pets have company at your house? We'll stay overnight at your house (house sit) while you're away making sure that your pets are well cared for including, food, water, play, exercise, and/or administer basic medicines. If your pet is used to bunking with you at night, no worries! We are used to cuddling with our beloved pets, too. Our goal is to maintain your pet’s routine as much as possible.

Critter Pet Care also provides overnight ranch or farm sitting in your home, as our schedule permits. We are experienced with taking care of your home and ranch or farm animals while you're away. If you have chickens, geese, hens, ducks, pet birds, horses, cattle, fish, cats, rabbits, dogs, turtles, reptiles etc. we'll come to your home and stay while caring for all of your animals and yard, so that you can take that much needed vacation. We will feed, water, exercise, collect eggs, administer basic meds, clean pen areas and water gardens as needed.

1 Pet per overnight $70
Each additional dog, rabbit (from same family) $15 each
Cats, birds $5 each
Horses, & other farm or ranch animals Call for varied overnight rates

Rodent Care

Going out of town and prefer to board your pet rodent in a safe environment where they'll receive daily care? Bring your pet rodent in their own cage / crate and we'll make sure their food, water and bedding are fresh. They'll have their own private room and as much TLC as desired.

Rodent boarding (based on 24 hour period) $20

House Sitting & Lawn / Garden Care

Going out of town and prefer that someone stays in your home while you're away? We'll stay at your house and make sure that your home and property are safe, mail is brought in, and garbage cans emptied. If your garden, yard or indoor plants need care while you're away, we'll take care of it, and any other home duties you desire.

1 overnight house sit, no pets $50


Pet Taxi / Pet Transport

Were happy to transport your pet and any necessary supplies to and from the vet, trainer, groomer, airport or other location. We also offer picking up and dropping off your pet for care at Critter Pet Care and can discuss this at the time of service.

$15 - $25 each way depending on local location.

Airport transport $50 per hour


Major Holidays

$10 extra charge per day applied on major holidays per pet: (Presidents’ Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day). Thanksgiving and Christmas require a 2 week cancellation for refund credit, otherwise regular cancellation policy applies.

We respectfully request cancellation notice of 24 hours.