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Critter Pet Care is awesome! Our dog Hero, a former stray, was losing weight and wasn't eating, and despite numerous visits to the veterinarian we still couldn't find an answer for his lack of appetite.

But then we met Pam at Critter Pet Care!

Our family was headed out of town for a quick vacation so we dropped Hero off on a Saturday morning, and by the time we picked him up again on Sunday afternoon, he had absolutely no problems eating an entire bowl of food--something he hadn't done in several weeks prior to his stay with Pam.

Pam helped us see that our dog was terrified of eating from a metal bowl while he was wearing his collar because the clanging of his name tag on the side of the bowl scared him so much that he wouldn't eat, even to the detriment of own health. Well, needless to say this piece of information made us feel like idiots because we had tried everything else under the sun, but sometimes all it takes is an insightful and caring outsider to see an experience differently. Pam was that person for us; she understands dogs and her love for them shines through in her superb care for the animals she boards and the humans she teaches. We look forward to boarding our dog with her again. 

Patrick C, Oakland, CA


I was looking for pet care for our Dachshund for long duration (40 days). He is moving to Australia and needed to be without us in SFO for isolation purposes. I was really concerned about finding something where he would be comfortable and felt at home. Our pet relocation consultant recommended Pam at Critter Pet Care. My brother went to see the facility and was really pleased with it. There are separate fenced areas for the dogs. Pam proved to be the best person to take care of Dashy. It has been more than 3 weeks now and Dashy is feeling right at home. He is very happy and enjoying it like a vacation. Pam is taking really good care of him like her own. She is feeding him extra supplements to make his coat shiny, dressing him up in a warm jacket when it is cold and taking him for good walks. Dashy is loving the backyard and enjoys sun baking. Pam has been providing regular updates to me and keeps sending us picture of Dashy and his girlfriend, another dachshund that is staying there. I must say I was very nervous about his stay and the whole Australian move but Pam has proved to be an Angel. She is willing to go an extra mile to help us. I would really recommend everyone to use Pam's services for any short-term or long-term boarding of their pets.

A big THANK YOU from Dashy and his family.
Mohighmin B. Melbourne, Australia


Having recently moved to the Bay Area, we found ourselves in the difficult situation of trying to find someone new to care for our 12 year old Vizsla. Pam was an absolute godsend!!!  She quickly erased any fears we had of leaving our dog someplace new.  She has a way with animals and our old boy took to her instantly.

While we were away she took great care of him, giving our demanding pooch the extra attention he needed and playing what seemed like endless fetch in Pam's huge enclosed yard.  She even sent us regular photos of him happily curled up asleep by the fire at night.

When we came to collect him, we had a very happy dog on our hands.  I highly recommend Critter Pet Care and Pam to anyone looking for an incredible pet sitting service.
Lindy & Kyle, San Francisco, CA 


I highly recommend the services provided by Pam at Critter Pet Care! When I moved to the Bay Area recently, I immediately set out to find a dogwalker for my energetic german shepherd/siberian husky (technically called a gerberian shepsky) puppy.

My puppy instantly bonded with Pam and she has been instrumental in training as well. My dog is always tired and happy after her visits and Pam has helped to train and reinforce the training I have been doing with my dog as well.

Her rates are very reasonable and she will frequently plan longer outings with her other dogs she cares for so they all get time to socialize. She even will send you text and email updates with pictures so you know what they're doing. If you're looking for a dogwalker or other pet assistance I highly encourage you to check out the various services Pam and Critter Pet Care can provide!
Brendan D, Oakland, CA 


 Pam is a great dog walker and so great with my dog! Always on-time and with a smile. I can tell that she really cares about my dog and I don't know what I would do without her! She walks Frodo 5 days a week and I couldn't be happier! I haven't used her overnight pet-sitting services yet, but I know I will soon and I trust her completely with the care of Frodo. Pam always lets me know right away if there are any concerns or issues with my dog and responds promptly. Everyday I come home I know he is happy, exercised, and tired! I would highly recommend her and Critter Pet Care services to anyone. Pam is so great with my Frodo!
Betty S, Oakland, CA 


 Pam is an angel. I had just moved into a new place with my two small dogs when my original doggie care arrangement fell apart only a few days before a trip back east. New to the hood I turned to the local groomer/pet supply shop for a recommendation.

I called Pam at Critter Pet Care who was very understanding, sympathetic, and accommodating. This was my first time using a pet sitter for my pups and I was a bit apprehensive. From the first night Pam eased my fears with very helpful text updates and pics. While gone I received regular updates which eased any concerns and fears I had for my girls.

Five days later I arrived home to two very happy well cared for pups. As a bonus, Pam managed the unthinkable. My 13yo un-socialized 'puppy mill' rescue chi allowed Pam to touch her, even got a little snuggly, which is no easy task. Only a few people have accomplished this in the 11+ years I've had her, and it took them more than a year to gain her trust. Pam did it in only five days! So happy I found Pam for my girls. Cannot thank you enough.
John S, Oakland, CA


As a professional pet sitter for well over 10 years, I am very particular about who I choose to care for my pets, and the pets I am entrusted with in my job. Reliability, honesty, responsibility, clear-headed thinking, and a genuine love for and knowledge of animals is essential to me in a pet sitter. That is why I am so happy to write this testimonial for Pam and Critter Pet Care. Over the time that I have known her I have seen how well animals are treated in her care, and had no doubt that my pets would be treated accordingly.

Pam recently took care of a dog for me that is in advanced heart failure.  Her care was excellent, her bedside manner exceptional, and she wasn't afraid to call with questions in order to make sure she was doing the best job possible. I will not hesitate to call on her again when the need arises. I highly recommend Pam and Critter Pet Care for all your pet sitting needs.
Jennifer Kreitzer, Owner, Petsitting By Jennifer, San Jose, CA 


We have used Critter Pet Care services twice and feel very comfortable leaving our home and our 14-year old Shih Tzu in Pam's care. She also took excellent care of our large garden/yard. We plan to use Critter Pet Care services again.
Lu & Lyman, Oakland, CA 


My pups, Zsa Zsa & Winnie, just adore Pam. She spoils them rotten just like their mama does. Every time Winnie sees Pam coming, she breaks into her excited howl to greet her; that is only reserved for the ones she loves the most!!!!! It is so reassuring to know that when I go away, the 2 beings most precious to me, are well taken care of!
JQH, Castro Valley, CA 


Pam has long been an excellent caretaker of my cat Poncho. Poncho was attacked by a raccoon in his youth and it resulted in a loss of sensation in his lower extremities and an inability to recognize the need to defecate. It requires a lifetime of medication as well as constant monitoring. Pam has done an excellent job of administering medications and monitoring his 'potty habits' when I am out of town. But best of all she saved his life as she quickly recognized when he had a bowel blockage while I was away, and rushed him to the vet immediately. I couldn't ask for more.
Jackie H, Oakland, CA 


Pam has been terrific with my "fraidy cat" GiGi. Pam is always able to coax my kitty out of her hiding places (places where she can be a complete recluse if left alone). Patiently, calmly introducing GiGi to the outdoors and fresh air has done wonders for my cat's personality - something I noticed after only a few visits by Pam. Now GiGi ventures out-of-doors on her own! Thanks for helping GiGi transform from "fraidy cat" to friendly cat, Pam!
Victoria T, Berkeley, CA 


Pam recently took care of my 2 cats while I was away on business. Lucy and Ricki are an odd pair and I was a bit hesitant to leave them in anyone's care. Ricki is an easy-going but needy lover boy and Lucy wears the pants in the family and has quite a temper. She is very verbal and demonstrative when she's not happy. I was delighted to come home to relaxed and well taken care of cats that were fed, watered and had play time twice a day. I will use Critter Pet Care again!
Susan W, San Leandro, CA